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Slurry Separation Plant for Micro-tunneling

KOSUN Environmental Black Rhino Slurry Separation Plant is divided into coarse-screen shaker module, desander module, desilter module and tail slurry treatment module. Through the s...
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Oil Sludge treatment Technology

Pretreatment of oily sludge is the key to determine whether oily sludge can be efficiently utilized. The current domestic and international oil sludge pretreatment technologies, inc...
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KOSUN Black Rhino Tail Slurry Treatment System Put into use in Mumbai Subway Construction in India

Recently, KOSUNblack rhino T ail S lurry Treatment S ystem was installed and commissioned in the construction of the first subway line in Mumbai, India, and officially put into use....
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Urban Buildings Clay Residue Treatment

According to statistics, in recent years, Chinas annual total discharge of construction waste is about 1.55 billion tons to 240 million tons, accounting for about 40% of urban waste...
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How to Choose Shaker Screens Properly?

There are many other models and makes of shaker screen. Such as the SCOMI, DFE s haker screens , and so on. Please be assured, KOSUNwill provide you with all exact fit replacement s...
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Mud Recycling System for sale

M ud R ecycling S ystem is widely used in HDD, Trenchless Construction. KOSUN M ud R ecycling S ystem is composed of small type shaker, desilter or desander and circulation tank. KO...
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Micro tunneling Separation Plant

Micro-tunneling or microtunnelling is a digging technique used to construct small tunnels. These small diameter tunnels make it impossible to have an operator in the machine itself....
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Slurry Separation Plant for Tunnel Boring Machine

Ⅰ.INTRODUCTION OF KOSUN SLURRY SEPARATION PLANT FOR TUNNEL BORING MACHINE Environmental Slurry Separation Plant for Tunnel Boring Machine developed by KOSUN is the most advanced t...
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