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Drilling fluid solids control equipment, Top Chinese solids control companies

Xi an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. ( top Chinese solids control companies ) has been specialized in research and development, design and manufacture of drilling fluid solid control...
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Selecting the Perfect Centrifugal Pump for Solids Control Systems: Factors to Consider

There are several important factors to consider when selecting the proper centrifugal pump for your solids control system . Centrifugal pumps play a vital role in maintaining the ef...
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Drilling oil-base cuttings treatment to achieve source and emission reduction

The vertical cuttings drying of KOSUN can dry the cuttings of oil-based mud, realize the reduction of the source, and achieve the purpose of zero discharge and waste mud recycling....
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The drilling fluid centrifuge produced by Xi’an KOSUN is a specialized equipment for solid-liquid separation.

KOSUN drilling fluid centrifuge is used for the separation and clarification of suspensions containing solid particles with a particle size d2m, solid concentrations of 2-70%, and l...
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Technical features of using KOSUN drilling waste mud treatment system

1, It breaks through the principles of existing drilling waste mud treatment methods and shifts from end treatment to full-process control. Mechanical separation is employed to remo...
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Main equipment of solids control system in drilling

Mud linear shale shaker : As the first level of solids control equipment for drilling fluid treatment, it is used to remove cuttings and other harmful solid particles in the drillin...
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Geothermal well mud treatment system manufacturer—KOSUN solid control

Coalbed methane geothermal well mud treatment system manufacturers product introduction KOSUN solid control is a manufacturer of coalbed methane drilling mud purification system and...
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The key to achieving mud zero discharge is on-site processing after solid-liquid separation

Mudzero dischargerefers to changing the traditional practice of digging a large mud circulation pit during drilling operations. In the drilling construction process, the technique i...
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