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Electric Control System

Features of Electric Transmission Control System 

1. SCR System

It accords with IEEE, IEC, ANSI, NEMA&API related regulations.

SCR system apllies "one for one", "one for two" method to control direct electric current machine to meet the demands of drilling rig transmission. The system adopts simulating or all-digital control, PLC treatment, which has the function of trouble diagnosis, real time monitoring, recording and printing, and data remote transmission connector.

SCR house provides top drive equipment with pre-reserved power source connector and auxiliary generator power connector.

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2. VFD System

The design of system accords with related domectic standards and international electric standards such as AP and IEC. The system is powered by diesel generator system or industrial power network.

It applies digital vector-controlled alternating frequency conversion speed regulating equipment, which controls drawworks, rotary table, mud pump and automatic feeding frequency conversion generator respectively.

According to the capacity of 1000m-7000m rigs, the system is equipped with 1-2 sets VFD houses, including generator, drawworks/drill disk/mud pump/automatic feeding frequency conversion cabinet, brake unit and resistance, IPC/PLC, overpressure protection cabinet, MCC, main transformer and so on.

Electric Control System

MCC system applies advanced all-digital controlling intelligized soft start equipment to protect and monitor the peripheral auxiliary engine.

The drill pipe automatic feeding system controls the drill speed and pressure to achieve automatic feeding by constant pressure.

Intelligized travelling block control system can decelerate and soft stop the travelling block automatically, which achieves urgent braking and avoids the accident.

Driller's console has the functions of operating rigs, displaying drilling parameter, monitoring electric operation, error alarming and reminding of conditions.

Rig control system whose core is PLC, provides the drilling technology with a digitized, informationized, intelligized equipment managing platform.

3 .System Composition

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