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DC Drive Rig

1. Adopting advanced AC-SCR-DC technology, smooth shift changes are available for drawworks, rotary table and mud pumps for optimum drilling performance.

2. Both swing-up and sling-shot parallel-integrated substructures with 9m and 10.5m floor and mast are installed on ground and raised with drawworks power.

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3. The main brake of drawworks can be hydraulic disc brake or band brake. Auxiliary brake of drawworks may be air-cooled or water-cooled electric magnetic eddy brake, or pneumatic disc brake.

4. Rotary table is driven by an independent motor.

5. It is equipped with separate driller's console. Operations for air, electric and hydraulic, drilling data and parameters are all in the console. Logic control, supervision and maintenance during complete drilling operations are available by PLC processes. The drilling data can be stored, printed and remote transmitted. All operations by driller can be completed in the console for better working conditions and less working strength.

6. It can be equipped with top drive drilling system.

7. Integrated skid rail may be provided to meet requirements for cluster well drilling.

DC Drive Rig

Technical Parameters:

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