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KOSUN Will Make a Stage Pose on 2015 Iran Oil Show

KOSUN will make a stage pose on 2015 Iran Oil Show from May 6 - 9, 2015. ...
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12 KOSUN Decanter Centrifuges for Drilling Waste Management

Recently, twelve D450L decanter centrifuges purchased by a world-famous mud service company have been shipped to a drilling site in North Africa....
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Customized KOSUN Equipment in Preparation for South American Market

Recently, KOSUN solids control equipment is in preparation for a partner in South America....
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Deeply Customized Solids Control Equipment in Favor

In mid April, KOSUN shipped two centrifuges and one vacuum degasser customized for a customer in the Middle East to his drilling project site....
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Cooperation between KOSUN and KZ Customers in Workover Rig Improvement Project

KOSUN KZ Supporting Project Department for Rigs serves the rigs in KZ for the first time, which marks further progress of KOSUN service concept- More Than Customized....
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KOSUN LS584-D Hi-G Dryer Shaker Sold Abroad

Recently, eight KOSUN LS584-D Hi-G Dryers upgraded in 2015 are sold to African market for application on drilling waste management sites in the area....
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New Achievement in KOSUN South American Market

Recently, KOSUN signed a contract for several sets of drilling waste management equipment ordered by South American customers together with GREEN Environmental Protection and gave p...
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Black Rhino Series Decanter Centrifuge Wins Customers’ Favor Both Home and Abroad

Recently, after striking a pose on CIPPE 2015, KOSUN Black Rhino Series High Standard Decanter Centrifuge has attracted numerous attentions from new and old customers both home and ...
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