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EPB TBM waste mud treatment

KOSUN EPB TBM waste mud treatment system is the most advanced technolog ical products in the world. Itcan meet the environ mental requirements on urban construction and processing. ...
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Oil-base Mud treatment Equipment

Oil-base Mud Treatment Equipment Operating principles: Oil-base mud cuttings enter the top hopper of vertical centrifuge and fall onto its internal separation area. The internal con...
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Drilling Fluid Solids Control Equipment Manufacturer

KOSUN is specialized in drilling mud solids control equipment manufacturing in China since 1992. We have rich experience in solids control system design. Five-stage solids control e...
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KOSUN Winning Another Order of New Model Centrifuges in African Market

In early May, good news comes from the African Market that KOSUN wins another order of solids control equipment....
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KOSUN Making a Stage Pose on the 46th OTC (Houston) with Shale Shaker

KOSUN made a stage pose again on the 46th OTC with its Black Rhino Shale Shaker on May 4, 2015, to vigorously promote its high-end Black Rhino products during the exhibition....
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KOSUN Will Make a Stage Pose on 2015 Iran Oil Show

KOSUN will make a stage pose on 2015 Iran Oil Show from May 6 - 9, 2015. ...
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12 KOSUN Decanter Centrifuges for Drilling Waste Management

Recently, twelve D450L decanter centrifuges purchased by a world-famous mud service company have been shipped to a drilling site in North Africa....
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Customized KOSUN Equipment in Preparation for South American Market

Recently, KOSUN solids control equipment is in preparation for a partner in South America....
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