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Application Scenarios of KOSUN Drilling Waste Treatment Equipment


In the process of oil and natural gas extraction, since both natural gas and oil are deep in the formation, it is necessary to lead the oil and natural gas to the surface through drilling, and use them as energy after being collected and processed. During the drilling process, a lot of chemical substances must be added along with the drilling needs. These substances are piled up on the drilling site along with the drilling of the mud. Because they contain many substances harmful to the environment, they need to be treated before they can be used for other purposes. In addition, with the increase of drilling depth, when the depth of the well reaches or exceeds the marine layer, a large amount of salt will come out with the mud. If it is placed arbitrarily, it will cause irreversible damage to the soil environment on the surface. Surface soil salinization.
Since many drilling operations are carried out in the wild, most of them are carried out in areas such as farmland and mountains, in the living environment of human beings, so the requirements for the environment are also very high, and the pollution in the process of energy development must be thoroughly dealt with.
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