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Technical features of using KOSUN drilling waste mud treatment system


1, It breaks through the principles of existing drilling waste mud treatment methods and shifts from "end treatment" to "full-process control." Mechanical separation is employed to remove solid particles and rock debris from the drilling waste mud. Chemical and thermal treatments are utilized to disrupt the colloidal state of the waste mud, facilitating solid-liquid separation. Harmful chemical substances in the mud are transferred into the water, which is then subjected to vacuum adsorption and compression dehydration. The solid materials are formed into mud cakes and discharged, while the treated water is recycled.
2, The sand and gravel separator sieves out the solid rock debris and cleans them with clean water to meet discharge standards. This reduces the total discharge of drilling waste, eliminates the need for mud pits, saving both land resources and construction costs associated with mud pits, and eliminates the risk of mud pit pollution.
3, The system enables the recycling of wastewater and waste mud, reducing the overall consumption of drilling fluids during the initial drilling phase. This leads to a reduction in the amount of drilling fluid required by the drilling team and lowers the cost of replenishing mud.
4, It reduces the treatment cost of drilling waste mud and fundamentally eliminates the pollution caused by hazardous waste to the environment. The use of mud and drill cuttings mechanical conveying devices effectively reduces the labor intensity of drilling personnel.
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