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The key to achieving mud zero discharge is on-site processing after solid-liquid separation


Mud zero discharge refers to changing the traditional practice of digging a large mud circulation pit during drilling operations. In the drilling construction process, the technique is used to treat cuttings, waste mud, and rock chips. The wastewater and a portion of the mud are treated and reused to reduce land usage and environmental pollution.
Mud is known as the lifeblood of drilling. The conventional practice in the petroleum industry is to dig a large mud circulation pit, typically covering an area of about 3 acres, for each well drilled. After construction, it is difficult to rehabilitate or restore vegetation, leading to the wastage of land resources. Moreover, the liquid and solid waste generated during the construction process also impose pressure on the ecological environment. According to conservative estimates, an average well produces about 5,000 cubic meters of solid-liquid waste, and transporting it to a centralized treatment facility incurs significant transportation costs.
The key to achieving mud zero discharge is on-site processing after solid-liquid separation. KOSUN mud zero discharge technology utilizes the flocculation and sedimentation effects of polymers and clay particles in a rapid solid-phase settling device to accelerate the settling of solid particles in the mud. The settled solids are then transported to a drying machine for centrifugal drying, achieving solidification and transportation, while the separated filtrate is recycled for reuse. The ideal situation is to achieve rapid and high-quality solid-liquid separation during drilling, control the moisture content of the solid phase, ensure the repeated use of the liquid phase, and transform from "external circulation" to "internal circulation."

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