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Main equipment of solids control system in drilling


Mud linear shale shaker: As the first level of solids control equipment for drilling fluid treatment, it is used to remove cuttings and other harmful solid particles in the drilling fluid. The drilling fluid selects different numbers of screens to control the size of the particles, mainly Solid phase particles larger than 74 microns.
Cyclone separator (desander, desilter): Desander is a secondary purification equipment for drilling fluids. Desander is mainly used to remove sand particles larger than 44~74 microns. The desilter is mainly used for three-stage purification of the drilling fluid, and the desilter mainly acts on mud solid particles above 15-44 microns. Microcyclones can also be selected according to the actual conditions of the drilling fluid, which are mainly used to separate muddy solid particles above 2 to 4 microns.
Drilling fluid centrifuge: The function is to control the clay particles in the well fluid, control the solid phase of the drilling fluid, remove the solid content of the non-aggravated drilling fluid, and recover the barite in the aggravated drilling fluid. The drilling fluid centrifuge mainly acts on solid particles of 2 to 4 microns.
Vacuum deaerator: The vacuum deaerator is mainly used to remove the gas invaded into the drilling fluid. It does not belong to the scope of solids control. However, because gas invasion has great harm to the specific gravity, viscosity performance, and density of drilling fluid, degassing devices are usually used.


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