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Drilling fluid solids control equipment, Top Chinese solids control companies


Xi 'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. (top Chinese solids control companies) has been specialized in research and development, design and manufacture of drilling fluid solid control equipment for 30 years. Has extensive experience in handling drilling waste.
The drilling fluid solid control equipment in the process of oil drilling mainly includes: shale shaker, mud cleaner, desilter, desander, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, mud agitator, jet mixing device, electronic ignition device, mud gun, screw conveyor, sand pump, shear pump, centrifuge and so on. 

KOSUN drilling fluid solid control equipment desilter is a three-stage solid control equipment for processing drilling fluid, which is mainly used to separate solid phase particles with particle size of 15-45μm in drilling fluid.

KOSUN drilling fluid solid control equipment desilter is one of the drilling mud solid control equipment. In the solid control system, it is generally placed between the desilter and drilling fluid centrifuge for separating small solid phase particles. KOSUN drilling fluid solid control equipment can be selected according to the size of the processing capacity required by customers to combine several groups of cyclone into a mud remover.
KOSUN Desilter
Type DL100-10DL100-8DL100-6
Mode of vibration Straight line
Motor type Short motor
power(kW/(hp) 0.75 kW
Vibration intensity(G-Force Working pressure:0.25~0.4MPa
Total screen area(㎡)/(ft2) 0.78
Screen Angle adjustment range( °) ——
Handling capacity(m3/h/(GPM) 240m³/h
Screen type Soft hook mesh
Screen size - quantity(mm)/(in) 1450×6001
 Specifications of desilter cyclones 100/4
Number of desilter cyclones 1012
Separation size of desilter cyclones (μm) 1447μm
Noise level (dB) <85
Dimensions L*W*H (mm)/(in) 1460×2430×1780
Weight (kg)/(lbs) 1050
remark Matching pump 55kW 
Inlet DN150/6"
Outlet DN200/8"
Attachment options Special requirements can be specially designed.

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