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What are the main functions of the Mud Agitator during use?


In the drilling operation, the Mud Agitator is an indispensable machine, and it is also very important for the drilling operation. Mud agitators play a very critical role in drilling operations. As an indispensable machine in drilling operations, the mud agitator is a continuous and reliable drilling mud solid control system for the drilling fluid in order to maintain the uniformity of the drilling fluid and suspend the solid particles.
So, what are the main functions of the Mud Agitator in the use process?
The mud agitator is mainly used for stirring and mixing the well fluid of the drilling mud agitator to prevent the solid phase particles of the drilling fluid from accumulating in its tank circulation system, so that the performance of the circulating drilling fluid is stable and the mixing is even. The mud agitator below 5.5kW adopts cycloid reducer. The mud agitator is suitable for the mixing of oil drilling fluid. It has a compact structure and a small footprint. It has the advantages of large torque, stable operation and reliable work.
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