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The Advantages of KOSUN's trenchless horizontal directional crossing mud recovery system


The characteristics of Trenchless Horizontal Directional Crossing Mud Recovery System:
1. The mud recovery system integrates screening, sand removal and mud removal, with a compact design structure, convenient transportation and small footprint;
2. Folding design of guardrail and walkway, no need to disassemble when transferring;
3. The quick connection structure is adopted between the components, which is easy to disassemble, save time and effort;
4. The system cyclone has the same technology as the international brand, and is interchangeable, with high wear resistance coefficient, and the service life under normal use conditions is more than 3800 hours;
5. The system is equipped with explosion-proof lighting, which is required for night construction, and the operation is convenient and safe;
6. The system can be adapted to the purification and separation of mud and water from different geological layers on site, improving construction efficiency and saving the cost of mud use.
The Trenchless Horizontal Directional Crossing Mud Recovery System is a set of mud processing equipment specially designed for the drilling characteristics of horizontal directional drilling rigs. The system is mainly composed of a mud shale shaker, a desander and mud removal machine, a jet mixer, a sand pump, a mud storage tank and other equipment. The trenchless mud recovery system can separate the excavated spoil from the liquid mud base fluid to achieve the purpose of mud recovery and reuse.

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