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Drilling mud tank made by KOSUN--a high-end equipment manufacturing industry.


KOSUN belong to high-end equipment manufacturing industry, through many years of products research and development and constantly improve, has grown into a technology-intensive environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises, currently has 67 patents of separation machinery related technologies.
In the engineering machinery, industrial sludge treatment and sludge of lakes and urban sludge treatment and disposal, soil restoration, comprehensive utilization of tailings and so on six big domain application, gradually developed into a system integration, complete sets of equipment, engineering construction, debugging, operation, maintenance and management for the integration of environmental comprehensive service provider.
mud tank

KOSUN drilling mud tank surface and corridor of the company are made of non-slip steel plate and non-slip strip net plate, and the rail of the tank surface is made of square steel pipe, which is barrier-free and foldable structure, and inserted firmly. The mud tank circulation system is equipped with clean water pipeline for cleaning the tank surface and equipment, and the network board of the tank surface is treated with zinc dip. Tank ladder using channel steel as the main body, with non-slip strip mesh plate as the pedal, both sides of the fence with an insurance hook. Oil drilling mud tank installs standard sand control, rain shelter, heat preservation pipeline in the tank.
mud tank

Characteristics of oil drilling mud tank:
1. The selected materials are all international materials, strong and durable;
2. Design of heating and insulation system, which can meet the requirements of -60℃ in extremely cold areas;
3. The mud tank base is made of pry structure, which is easy to be dragged and installed on site;
4. The positioning rod is connected between the tank and the tank, making it easy to place;
5. The manifold is built in to facilitate transportation and reduce disassembly times;
6. Various mud spatter prevention designs can effectively prevent environmental pollution.


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