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Changqing oilfield has set a number of domestic records in the construction of shale oil demonstration zones.


In recent years, with the development of exploration and development in ordos basin, unconventional oil and gas reservoirs have become the focus of exploration and development in Changqing oilfield. The chang7 oil source reservoir in LongDong oil area is rich in reserves, but the reservoir is of low grade, poor physical property and difficult to exploit.
Demonstration area construction unit based on a "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national science and technology key projects, in order to "national oil shale development demonstration base construction, explore new model loess tableland geomorphic factory work, form a new intelligent labor organization management architecture" as the overall objectives, LongDong region in the large fields (city) the official to carry out the shale oil scale development demonstration area construction.

In development and construction, Changqing in Changqing oil shale development demonstration area project in accordance with the "a platform, a factory" train of thought, the executive director responsibility system, through the "assessment of platform design, the production organization, process, investment control, security, environmental protection, such as the responsibilities of sinking, realize the combination of the platform construction and production, promote the project management level.
Face long improve reservoir horizontal well drilling in rate, volume frac extraction yield, large-scale factory job extraction efficiency, investment, effective control and so on many challenges, LongDong oil shale development demonstration area project demonstration projects of joint scientific research unit and unit, set up the integration of scientific research team, to form a integrated project management structure, promote the integration of production and operation organizations, to boost the oil one million tons of bulk density for the construction of the demonstration zone.
Currently, LongDong Changqing oilfield shale oil demonstration area overall development effect is better than expected, explore the formation of the ordos basin shale oil development of five series of 18 supporting technology, platform management system, in whole life cycle of the loess tableland factory operating mode, geological engineering integrated model of remote expert decision support system and so on characteristics, become the weapon of the development of shale oil, unconventional oil and gas field development of our country has the technology leading and demonstration role in driving.

In recent years, Changqing oilfield has set a number of domestic records in the construction of shale oil demonstration zones:
1. The longest horizontal section well of the domestic oil field was 4,088m;
2. The world's largest onshore horizontal well oil production platform;
3. Refresh the record of the shortest drilling cycle of domestic horizontal Wells in the horizontal section of 1640m and the completion of drilling in the whole well in 9.88 days;
4. Set a new record for the highest fracturing efficiency of domestic coiled tubing in 23.7 hours and 11 stages.


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