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Solid control equipment vibrating screen is a first-class equipment in drilling fluid solid phase control system


Solid control equipment vibrating screen is a first-level solid control equipment in the solid control system of drilling fluid. It is generally used to treat solid phase particles larger than 74μm (corresponding to 200 mesh screen) coming back from the bottom of the well. It separates the solid phase that is larger than the mesh and the solid phase that is smaller than the mesh that adheres to each other through the interaction of particles by mechanical vibration. When the drilling fluid returned from the wellhead flows through the vibrating screen surface, the large-particle solid phase is discharged from the tail of the screen, and the large-particle solid phase containing mud on the small surface is ejected in the Y-axis direction, and then falls freely. At the same time, it moves forward, so it is continuously thrown and dropped to make the solid phase of the slurry move forward continuously. The liquid phase of the slurry and the solid phase of small particles leak into the slurry tank through the pores of the screen, the solid particles in the slurry are larger than the mesh holes of the screen and the small solid phase particles adhered to the part are sieved out, thus playing a role in purifying the drilling fluid.
Structural composition of vibrating screen:
1. The screen box is equipped with a hard hook screen, and the screen is tightened with tension bolts, which is safe and reliable, simple to operate and convenient to maintain.
2. The structure of the logging tank is optimized, the mud buffering effect is good, and the screen life is extended.
3. The power unit has two vibration motors, which run smoothly, have low noise, long life, and are easy to install and maintain.
4. The shock absorption device adopts spring structure, which has good shock absorption effect and low noise.
5. The lifting device is used to adjust the angle of the screen box. It adopts a screw lifting structure with high adjustment accuracy, good stability and simple and convenient operation.
6, electrical control device: the use of brand explosion-proof switches, good safety performance, two vibration motors are each equipped with a circuit protector, strong protection performance, long service life.


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