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KOSUN Batches of Vacuum Degassers sent to Indonesia


Recently, batches of vacuum degassers produced by KOSUN have been completed and were successfully sent to an oil drilling site in Indonesia.
During the drilling operation, the gas carried by the drilling fluid from the downhole affects the performance of the mud and poses a safety hazard, and also affects the service life of some equipment. Therefore, a vacuum degasser needs to be installed to remove the gas in the mud centrally.

VD series vacuum degasser
KOSUN VD series vacuum degasser is suitable for all kinds of mud purification systems and plays an important role in restoring the specific gravity of the mud and stabilizing the density of the mud. And according to different processing requirements, it is divided into VD240, VD270, VD300, VD360 to meet various processing requirements.
Features of KOSUN VD series vacuum degasser:
1. It can quickly remove the gas in the gas-invaded mud, restore the specific gravity of the mud, and stabilize the mud performance.
2. It can be used as a high-power agitator.
3. Compact design and small footprint.
4. Under the same processing capacity, the power is smaller than that of similar foreign products
5. The unique structural design directly discharges the treated mud without a high-power centrifugal pump.
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