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EPB TBM waste mud treatment


KOSUN EPB TBM waste mud treatment system is the most advanced technolog ical products in the world. It can meet the environ mental requirements on urban construction and processing. It can aso save construction costs, reduce mud emissions and reduce environmental pollution. It is an economical, efficient and environment-friendly necessary construction equipment.The market demand of environ mental EPB TBM waste mud treatment system will be increasing.

EPB TBM waste mud treatment system is the equipment who is supported the 
Earth Pressure Balance Shields to treat  the mud which is produced when constructing. So called Earth Pressure Balance Shields (EPB) turn the excavated material into a soil paste that is used as pliable, plastic support medium. This makes it possible to balance the pressure conditions at the tunnel face, avoids uncontrolled inflow of soil into the machine and creates the conditions for rapid tunnelling with minimum settlement.

The special feature of Earth Pressure Balance Shields is that they use the excavated soil directly as support medium. This method is the first choice in cohesive soils with high clay and silt contents and low water permeability. A rotating cutting wheel equipped with tools is pressed onto the tunnel face and excavates the material. The soil enters the excavation chamber through openings, where it mixes with the soil paste already there. Mixing arms on the cutting wheel and bulkhead mix the paste until it has the required texture. The bulkhead transfers the pressure of the thrust cylinders to the pliable soil paste. When the pressure of the soil paste in the excavation chamber equals the pressure of the surrounding soil and groundwater, the necessary balance has been achieved.


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