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KOSUN company production of oil drilling MA series mud agitator


KOSUN MA series mud agitator is used in order to maintain the uniformity of drilling fluid and the solid phase particles suspended, at the same time to continuous and reliable agitation of drilling fluid, KOSUN company production of oil drilling MA series mud agitator under 5.5 KW adopt cycloid reducer, it has compact structure, cover an area of an area small, the advantages of good mixing effect, have big transmission torque, smooth operation, reliable work, etc.

In the installation and maintenance of the mud agitator of KOSUN, it should be noted that: the rigid coupling must be equipped with spring pad and should be strong and reliable, otherwise it will cause the deflection of the wave wheel shaft and aggravate the wear of the reducer; The abnormal conditions of no noise, cassette and excessive temperature should occur in the operation of the mud agitator, otherwise the machine should be shut down for inspection and troubleshooting.

Features of KOSUN mud agitator:
1. Turbo-worm reducer
2. Outdoor explosion-proof motor
3. Can process 20ppg drilling fluid
4. Available power is 2.2-22kw
5. Compact design, low noise, smooth operation and easy maintenance
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