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KOSUN's screw conveyor is used in drilling waste disposal projects.


KOSUN adopts a screw conveyor with customized design and structure as part of the waste slurry treatment system.The screw conveyor is designed to be 12 feet long in each segment, which allows it to be replaced as a standard wearing part. The spiral blade of the screw conveyor produced by KOSUN is made of wear-resistant material, which ensures that its service life is longer than that of competitors of the same type.
screw conveyor

Features and advantages of KOSUN screw conveyor:
1. High efficiency transmission: compact structure, stepless speed regulation, different handling capacity can be realized to meet the needs of different working conditions in the drilling field;
2. Structural flexibility: each segment is 12 feet in length and consists of several segments, the total length of which can be flexibly determined according to the equipment layout in the drilling site;
3. There is a grille guard on the u-shaped groove to prevent foreign matter from entering the groove, ensuring the operation safety of the staff;
4. The spiral blade of the screw conveyor is made of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant material to extend its service life;
5. Advanced and reasonable design, combined with advanced manufacturing technology and perfect quality assurance system, makes it small in size. High load bearing torque, low noise, no oil seepage, etc.
screw conveyor

The company's screw conveyor is used in drilling waste disposal projects to provide an effective, low-cost cuttings delivery system for offshore and onshore drilling units. It can be flexibly assembled and used in different drilling sites, with simple operation, stable structure, strong adaptability in working space and high safety performance, greatly improving the working efficiency of equipment and saving costs and resources.


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