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KOSUN screw pump ability in the industruy to reflect


Xi 'an Kosun Machinery co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of solid-liquid separation equipment and systems, providing diversified solid-liquid separation solutions in engineering construction, environmental protection, petroleum and petrochemical fields.
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Among them, KOSUN's screw pump plays an important role in the industry application.Due to its structural characteristics, most of the use in the transport of higher viscosity of liquid and liquid containing oil particles.Therefore, the choice of its revolution is very critical, screw pump parts, compact structure, small volume, simple maintenance, screw pump rotor and stator is the screw pump wearing parts, simple structure, easy to assemble and disassemble.The main working parts are an eccentric screw (rotor) and a fixed bush (stator).
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Screw pump, it is by the screw and liner formed by the sealed cavity volume change to suction and discharge of liquid.KOSUN screw pump is characterized by smooth flow, small pressure pulsation, self-absorption ability, low noise, high efficiency, long life, reliable work, and its prominent advantage is the transmission medium when the formation of eddy, medium viscosity is not sensitive, can transport high viscosity medium.
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How to maintain the high efficiency of screw pump work?
Screw pump capacity is greater than the output of the well or the pump thin as the mouth of the air separation is not good, part of the pump displacement loss by air interference.If eliminate the interference of the gas in the pump and control the running time of the pump, pump displacement and flow into the bottom of the well to match, can improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Screw pump is widely used in oil field because of its low cost, strong adaptability and low energy consumption.
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