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KOSUN Main Drilling Mud Solids Control System Products


KOSUN main products are shale shaker, drying shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, flare ignition device, jet mud mixer, centrifugal pump, shear pump, screw pump, submersible pump, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tank, oil tank, water tank, camping and complete set of solids control systems etc. 
In oil and gas well,coal bed gas well,Geothermal well drilling project, mud plays a important role during drilling. Drilling mud influence the drilling process and whether a well can be drill successful directly. KOSUN provides professional four stage solids control system, strong G force Shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, and related solids control accessories. All of these solids control system supply a high quality drilling mud for drill. KOSUN can help client design proper solids control system according client’s requirements.
Drilling waste management system, also called as drill cutting treatment system or drilling cutting management system. According to different applications, it can be classified as WBM drilling waste management system and OBM drilling waste management system. The main system equipment are drying shaker, cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump and tanks. The drilling waste management system can effectively control the moisture content(6%-15%). And oil content(2%-8%)in drilling cuttings and stabilizes the liquid phase performance.

drilling waste management system
KOSUN products are widely used in different applications and industries such as oil and gas drilling, CBM drilling, geothermal drilling, drilling waste management, river silt treatment, and the modern trenchless infrastructure construction, including tunneling, micro-tunneling, pipe-jacking, bored piles construction, piling construction and diaphragm wall construction., etc.

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