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Black Rhino Series Decanter Centrifuge Wins Customers’ Favor Both Home and Abroad


Recently, after striking a pose on CIPPE 2015, KOSUN Black Rhino Series High Standard Decanter Centrifuge has attracted numerous attentions from new and old customers both home and abroad and inquiries are coming unceasingly. Since launch of Black Rhino Series D355 Decanter Centrifuge in 2014, this model has always been favored by domestic and overseas customers. Its excellent working performance and humanized design in drilling waste management field not only improves drilling waste management efficiency for customers, but also creates superior sales performance for the company.

KOSUN Black Rhino D355 Centrifuge

KOSUN Black Rhino D355 Centrifuge at Beijing CIPPE 2015

KOSUN Black Rhino D355 Decanter Centrifuge is featured with characteristics, high standard and low base, the closest integration of product performance and safe operation up to now. The design incorporates advantages of famous centrifuge brands home and abroad: high rotating speed (Max. 4000RPM), stable operation, good separation effect, reliable working performance and super high cost performance. It demonstrates excellent performance especially in drilling waste management and most customers purchase this centrifuge for drilling waste management project.

Black Rhino Series D355 Centrifuge Conveyor

Black Rhino Series D355 Centrifuge Conveyor

KOSUN has always been well accepted by domestic and overseas customers with its high quality and performance products and high standard after-sales services. As a high-end brand of KOSUN, Black Rhino Series products are great achievements of excellent design, research and development by KOSUN’s technical team, including Shale Shakers, mud cleaners, centrifuge and other solids control euqipment. Meanwhile, this series of products have passed long-term field test in USA. After each performance meets American users’ requirements, they are rapidly promoted at home and abroad and have won users’ favor.

KOSUN Black Rhino D355 Centrifuge has fixed speed and VFD available for option. Customers can choose on demand.

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