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It is important to choose a sand pump that is suitable for you.

The quality of the sand pump determines the quality of your project.Sand pump, is a kind of centrifugal mud pump, used to transportthe suspension ofoil sand gravel, slag and so on.T...
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Characteristics and trends of global offshore oil and gas exploration and development

The global Marine oil and gas resources are rich in potential and low in the rate of exploration, making it an important resource reserve base in the future.With the development of ...
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Kosun Environmental Engineering slurry treatment system

Xian Kosun Environmental Engineering co., ltd. is a professional company providing comprehensive solutions for solid waste treatment in the field of energy conservation and environm...
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Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment

Kosun Environmental Engineering oil sludge treatment scheme 1:Air flotation scheme for oil sludge recovery and separation system. The application ofthe air flotation scheme in the o...
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Analysis of Resource Utilization of Sludge

KOSUN is a professional company that provides solid-liquid separation products and integrated solutions to solid waste disposal in the fields of energy conservation and environment ...
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KOSUN 2019 NEFTEGAZ Ended Successfully

From April 15th to 18th, KOSUN splendidly presented itself at the 19th NEFTEGAZ. KOSUN brought its own drilling mud treatment equipment, drilling mud solids control system , drillin...
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The No. 6 Gas Production Plant, Changqing Oilfield Company makes a drilling footage over 100,000m

On April 1, the drilling footage of the New Years production capacity of the No. 6 Gas Production Plant, Changqing Oilfield Company exceeded 100,000 meters, and the time to reach th...
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CNOOC's oil and gas reserves have hit a new record high, and CNOOC people are amazing!

On March 21, the reporter learned from China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) that the Company released its 2018 annual performance report. CNOOC steadily increased oil and...
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