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KOSUN river dredging solid-liquid separation equipment

KOSUN advanced sludge solid-liquid separation equipment for river dredging solid-liquid separation mainly includes the following modules: (1) Solid-liquid separation mud tank The sl...
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Manufacturer of solid control equipment for oil drilling

Oil drilling solid control equipment and system is the equipment and system to treat and recover the drilling fluid returned to the surface from the wellhead. The solid control syst...
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Main equipment of solids control system in drilling

Mud linear shale shaker : As the first level of solids control equipment for drilling fluid treatment, it is used to remove cuttings and other harmful solid particles in the drillin...
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Geothermal well mud treatment system manufacturer—KOSUN solid control

Coalbed methane geothermal well mud treatment system manufacturers product introduction KOSUN solid control is a manufacturer of coalbed methane drilling mud purification system and...
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Shield muck treatment equipment in the construction of subway tunnel

Who are the manufacturers of shield muck treatment systems? During the construction of subway tunnels, a large amount of waste muck produced by shield muck poses a threat to urban e...
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Shield Muck Treatment Equipment Manufacturer - KOSUN

KOSUN has very rich experience in infrastructure construction, mud water treatment and other industries. As a professional shield muck treatment equipment manufacturer , it has deve...
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The most promising oily sludge treatment technology

The composition of oily sludge is extremely complex. It is mainly composed of electroporated oil, water, and solid floating matter related. Oily sludge has small particles, floc-lik...
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What are the pipeline dredging mud equipment?

Pipeline dredging system: First of all, what are the pipeline dredging mud equipment ? Mud Desander, desilter, centrifuge, shale shaker and other solid control equipment are mainly ...
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