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What are the methods of oilfield sludge treatment?

What are the methods of oilfield sludge treatment? Oil field sludge treatment price is determined by various treatment methods of oil field sludge. Oilfield sludge treatment often a...
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Solid control equipment vibrating screen is a first-class equipment in drilling fluid solid phase control system

Solid control equipment vibrating screen is a first-level solid control equipment in the solid control system of drilling fluid....
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What are the differences between water-based mud and oil-based mud of KOSUN drilling waste management?

KOSUN drilling waste management s differences between water-based mud and oil-based mud in the treatment Main ingredients of water-based mud : water, alkalinity regulator, fluid los...
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Basic requirements for storage of solid control equipment.

KOSUN can provide oil and gas drilling solid control equipment , centrifuge series products , drilling waste disposal equipment and drilling security equipment four series products ...
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Two core equipments of shield mud-water separation treatment system

KOSUN KD-500 shield mud water treatment system is a modular structure design system. The system is designed for mud purification in medium mud balance shield construction projects ....
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it is difficult for the equipment to deal with the deep dehydration of sludge to meet the requirements of the deep dehydr

At present, why the sludge treatment of various industries is difficult to achieve the effect of deep dehydration? According to the different characteristics of sludge, it is very d...
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Nowadays, there has been a great demand for drilling waste management in every oilfield.

With Chinese oil industry development and drilling fluid technology update in rent years, more and more oilfields are using oil-based drilling fluid , which brings great benefits to...
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KOSUN is capable of providing vertical cuttings dryers and centrifuges with either fixed speed or variable frequency cont

Cuttings equipment is an important part of closed-loop mud systems, which can recover more valuable drilling fluids and reduce waste emissions. Reduce drilling costs and protect the...
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