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KOSUN Batches of Vacuum Degassers sent to Indonesia

Recently, batches of vacuum degassers produced by KOSUN have been completed and were successfully sent to an oil drilling site in Indonesia. During the drilling operation, the gas c...
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A Large Oily Sludge Treatment System Shipped to Kazakhstan

At the end of January 2022, a large oily sludge treatment system and related centralized control system designed and manufactured by KOSUN was completed, assembled and commissioned,...
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7 major equipment for dredging and dewatering treatment of waterway and river sludge

1) Excavator dredging equipment: first use the pump to drain the water in the river to the other side, and after it is drained, the excavator enters the river or waterway for dredgi...
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New Oilfield Drilling Mud Cooling Technology

In the process of oilfield drilling, long-term high-temperature drilling work will have huge adverse effects on the performance of drilling fluids. The new oilfield drilling mud coo...
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What are the types of oil and gas reservoir drilling fluids?

Oil and gas reservoir drilling fluid is the blood of drilling and plays a very important role in drilling operations. Therefore, the requirements for drilling fluid are veryhigh, ac...
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How to treatment the waste generated in the oil drilling process more environmentally?

In the process of oil drilling, a large amount of waste will be left on the well site. These wastes are stored in the sewage pond of the well site. Due to incomplete treatment, duri...
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The role of solid-liquid separation in drilling waste management

Solid-liquid separation is an important part of the drilling waste management process. The smaller the proportion of the water content in the waste, the smaller the volume of the re...
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KOSUN 1000HP drilling rig solids control system sent to North Africa

Recently, KOSUN has completed the design, production and manufacture of a 1000HP drilling rig solids control system , which is ready to be sent to drilling companies in North Africa...
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