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Environmental protection new regulations require to achieve zero discharge of drilling waste

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection. Whether it is drilling oil wells or water wells, the waste generated needs to be treated, so now the drilling ...
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KOSUN Solid-liquid Separation Equipment is used in the construction industry

1. Linear Dewatering Shale Shaker Linear Dewatering Shale Shaker is specially designed to separate larger and coarser solid particles. The construction mud enters the shale shaker t...
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What are the main functions of the Mud Agitator during use?

In the drilling operation, the Mud Agitator is an indispensable machine, and it is also very important for the drilling operation. Mud agitators play a very critical role in drillin...
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The Advantages of KOSUN's trenchless horizontal directional crossing mud recovery system

The characteristics of T renchless H orizontal D irectional C rossing M ud R ecovery S ystem : 1. The mud recovery system integrates screening, sand removal and mud removal, with a ...
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Vacuum degasser is mainly divided into centrifugal degasser and jet degasser

A vacuum degasser is an important equipment used in the oil and gas industry to remove gas from drilling fluids or mud. Gas in the drilling mud can cause problems such as reduced dr...
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A New CBM Drilling Sludge Treatment System

Coalbed methane refers to the gas that is self-generated and stored in the coalbed, and its composition is mainly methane, so it is also called coalbed methane gas (CBM for short). ...
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Differences between skid-mounted and vehicle-mounted drilling solids control systems

The difference between skid-mounted drilling solids control system and vehicle-mounted drilling solids control system: The skid-mounted drilling solids control system is suitable fo...
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How to use oilfield drilling equipment scientifically?

(1) Improve the scientific design and safety of the equipment. Designers should strictly control the raw materials used in the design process and the proportion of materials used. T...
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