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A New CBM Drilling Sludge Treatment System

Coalbed methane refers to the gas that is self-generated and stored in the coalbed, and its composition is mainly methane, so it is also called coalbed methane gas (CBM for short). ...
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Differences between skid-mounted and vehicle-mounted drilling solids control systems

The difference between skid-mounted drilling solids control system and vehicle-mounted drilling solids control system: The skid-mounted drilling solids control system is suitable fo...
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How to use oilfield drilling equipment scientifically?

(1) Improve the scientific design and safety of the equipment. Designers should strictly control the raw materials used in the design process and the proportion of materials used. T...
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Applicability of shale shaker in modern petroleum industry

In the modern oil and mining industry, the production process requires the mandatory use of a special type of equipment- shale shaker , whether it is a single version or a composite...
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What solids control equipment will be used in the drilling waste treatment process?

1. What are the characteristics and functions of the vertical cuttings dryer? High-efficiency solid-liquid separation can minimize the mud content in drill cuttings, reduce the amou...
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There are deficiencies in oilfield drilling equipment

(1) Problems during operation. During the operation of oilfield drilling equipment, the attention and maintenance of specific problems is an important guarantee to ensure the safety...
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Wide application and functions of KOSUN Decanter Centrifuge

KOSUN is professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge, and the following is a brief introduction about the technology of Decanter Centrifuge. Compared with other separation mach...
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KOSUN river dredging solid-liquid separation equipment

KOSUN advanced sludge solid-liquid separation equipment for river dredging solid-liquid separation mainly includes the following modules: (1) Solid-liquid separation mud tank The sl...
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