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Micro Tunneling Separation Plant

KOSUN Slurry Separation Plant , Deanding Plant, Recycling Plant can be used in the field as follows: Tunneling, Micro-tunneling , Pipe-jacking Construction , Bored Piles Constructio...
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KOSUN sent a batch of solids control equipment to the Russian drilling project site

Recently, KOSUN exported a batch of solids control equipment to Russia and sent them to the drilling project site in Russia. So far, KOSUN has sold several batches of solids control...
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KOSUN can provide customers with oil and gas drilling solids control equipment.

During the 12th five-year plan period, Chinas solid waste treatment industry will enter a period of rapid development. In the next five years, the investment in Chinas solid waste t...
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KOSUN Solid-liquid Separation Equipment is used in the construction industry

1. Linear Dewatering Shale Shaker Linear Dewatering Shale Shaker is specially designed to separate larger and coarser solid particles. The construction mud enters the shale shaker t...
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KOSUN Black Rhino Shaker Shipped to Iran Project Site

Recently, a batch of black rhino shale shaker equipment produced by KOSUN was successfully sent to Iran. The customer is an internationally renowned oil service company, which mainl...
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What are the sand washing sludge dewatering equipment?

Sand washing sludge dewatering equipment mainly refers to solid-liquid separation equipment, including: centrifuge, belt filter press, plate and frame filter press, sludge drying in...
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KOSUN Batches of Vacuum Degassers sent to Indonesia

Recently, batches of vacuum degassers produced by KOSUN have been completed and were successfully sent to an oil drilling site in Indonesia. During the drilling operation, the gas c...
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A Large Oily Sludge Treatment System Shipped to Kazakhstan

At the end of January 2022, a large oily sludge treatment system and related centralized control system designed and manufactured by KOSUN was completed, assembled and commissioned,...
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