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Shield Muck Treatment Equipment Manufacturer - KOSUN

KOSUN has very rich experience in infrastructure construction, mud water treatment and other industries. As a professional shield muck treatment equipment manufacturer , it has deve...
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The most promising oily sludge treatment technology

The composition of oily sludge is extremely complex. It is mainly composed of electroporated oil, water, and solid floating matter related. Oily sludge has small particles, floc-lik...
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What are the pipeline dredging mud equipment?

Pipeline dredging system: First of all, what are the pipeline dredging mud equipment ? Mud Desander, desilter, centrifuge, shale shaker and other solid control equipment are mainly ...
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KOSUN can provide customers with oil and gas drilling solids control equipment

Oil-based mud and drilling cuttings processing system for oil base station mainly consists of Vertical cuttings dryer, mud centrifuge, screw conveyor, mud mixer and thermal desorpti...
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KOSUN Oilfield Sludge Treatment Equipment System

Oilfield S ludge T reatment mainly refers to the landing sludge, tank sludge, flotation scum and sludge generated in the process of crude oil production, storage, gathering and tran...
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KOSUN oil sludge treatment skid-mounted unit consists of three modules

KOSUN oil sludge treatment skid-mounted unit consists of three modules: 1. Pretreatment module; 2. Oil-water separation module; 3. Sludge-water separation module. The technical adva...
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KOSUN innovative project "Environmental Muck Treatment Equipment" won the third prize

At noon on August 13, 2022, the chairman of KOSUN participated in the final of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Shaanxi Region) together with the technical tea...
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The skid-mounted drilling mud solid control system

In recent years, with the improvement of environmental protection laws and regulations in various countries and the increasing of environmental protection law enforcement, the pollu...
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