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Operation mode of Xi 'an KOSUN cyclone


Operation mode of Xi 'an KOSUN cyclone:
1. Before starting to use, it is necessary to ensure that all connection points of the cyclone unit have been tightened, and remove various residues in the pipe and the box of the cyclone unit, so as to avoid leakage and blockage after starting to operate. Ensure that the valve of the operating cyclone is fully open;
2. The valve may be fully open (e.g. running cyclone) or completely closed (e.g. standby cyclone), but must not be in a semi-open state (i.e. never control flow with the valve);
3.If possible, please try with water first. The feed of the cyclone may be supplied by pumping or by high slot. The pressure gauge shows a constant reading if the pump matches the cyclone throughput. To ensure that the gauge reading does not fluctuate, if there are significant fluctuations need to check the cause. The equipment is required to work under the pressure of no more than 0.3mpa;

4. When the equipment runs smoothly under normal pressure, it is necessary to check the leakage of connection points and take remedial measures if necessary;
5. Check for blockage caused by residue entering the cyclone. The plug of the inlet of the cyclone will reduce the overflow and sediment flow, and the plug of the inlet of the cyclone will reduce the sediment flow or even cut off the flow, and sometimes violent vibration will occur. In case of blockage, close the feed valve of the cyclone in time to clear the blockage. In order to prevent clogging, facilities for preventing coarse materials and sundries (such as chip screen) can be added to the feed tank of the hydrocyclone group. Meanwhile, the feed tank should be emptied in time when it is out of service, so as to avoid clogging accidents caused by excessive precipitation and concentration when it is used again.
6. When the equipment is proved to run well by the test of clean water, the input material will run.


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