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KOSUN can provide customers with oil and gas drilling solids control equipment.


During the 12th five-year plan period, China's solid waste treatment industry will enter a period of rapid development. In the next five years, the investment in China's solid waste treatment industry will reach 800 billion yuan, accounting for 3.1 trillion yuan in the environmental protection industry. The total investment proportion will reach 25.8%, with a compound annual growth rate of about 30%, which is twice the growth rate of the overall investment in the environmental protection industry. Under the promotion of policy, China's solid waste treatment field will usher in more optimistic growth space. The 12th five-year plan for heavy metal pollution control has been approved by the State Council. Driven by these policies or industrial plans, subindustries such as solid waste treatment projects, equipment and solid waste facility operations will all enter a period of growth. Among them, solid waste engineering equipment business will benefit first, and professional operators will also usher in greater development opportunities.
Solid waste treatment usually refers to the physical, chemical, biological, physicochemical and biochemical methods to convert solid waste into suitable for transportation, storage, utilization or disposal. The goal of solid waste disposal is harmless, reduction and resource recovery. Some people think that is the most difficult of three wastes disposal of solid waste, because it contains the ingredient is very complex, its physical characteristics (size, liquidity, the degree of uniformity, crushing, moisture content, calorific value, etc.) also, to achieve the above harmless, reduction and recycling will have considerable trouble, general method for solid waste pollution prevention and control is to control the quantity in the first place. Gradual reform, for example, the urban fuel structure, including civilian industry control plant raw material consumption, norm to extend the service life of products, improve the recovery of waste, etc., the second is to carry out comprehensive utilization of solid wastes as resources and energy, is really can't use after compression and non-toxic treatment become the final state of solid waste, the main methods including compaction, grinding, sorting, curing, burning, biological treatment, etc.
KOSUN can provide customers with oil and gas drilling solids control equipment,centrifuge series products, drilling waste processing equipment and drilling security equipment twenty four series products, and they are widely used in oil and gas drilling and workover, drilling of coal bed methane (CBM) and shale gas drilling, water well and geothermal well drilling of trenchless horizontal directional crossing project, mine grading a ballast, tailings disposal, clear channel engineering, industrial wastewater treatment, environmental protection sewage treatment, waste oil recovery and purification treatment and other fields.


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