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Screw conveyor is widely used.


Screw conveyor is widely used in the chemical industry, building materials, food and other sectors of a conveying equipment, mainly used for conveying powder, granular and small blocks of material. It is not suitable to transport perishable, viscous and easy to caking materials.
Compared with other conveying equipment, the screw conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, small cross section size, good sealing performance, middle multi-point loading and unloading, safe and convenient operation and low manufacturing cost. Its disadvantages are serious wear and tear of parts, low throughput, high power consumption and easy to be broken in the process of transportation.

Features and advantages of KOSUN screw conveyor:
1. Efficient conveying: compact structure, stepless speed regulation, different handling capacity, can meet the needs of different working conditions on drilling site;
2. Structural flexibility: each 12-foot section consists of several sections, the total length of which can be flexibly determined according to the equipment layout on the drilling site;
3. There is a grille cover on the u-shaped groove to prevent foreign matter from entering the groove, ensuring the operation safety of the staff;
4. The helical blade of the screw conveyor is made of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials to extend its service life;
5. The advanced and reasonable design, combined with the advanced manufacturing technology and the perfect quality assurance system, make it have the obvious advantages of small size, large bearing torque, low noise, and no oil leakage.


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