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Drilling fluid waste treatment mud landing system


Drilling fluid waste treatment mud landing system is mainly composed of solids control separation system, cuttings landing system and purification system. Process in general can be divided into three part: first, the mud after drilling level 4 solid control separation system of vibrating screen, desander, desilter, centrifuges, etc., remove the harmful solid phase, after entering drilling cuttings not landing system for fluidization and storage, part directly into the separation system of environmental protection, some substandard through preparation, after reaching standard into the environmental separation system; Finally, the mud in the environmental separation system is separated, the liquid is returned to the mud circulation system for recycling, and the solid state can be used for on-site brick making or well site laying.

Structural features of waste mud treatment equipment for oil drilling:
1. Rotary drum and other main parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel;
2. The feeding screw adopts special anti-abrasion measures, which can spray weld the hard alloy protective layer or insert the hard alloy resistant plate;
3. Large length-diameter ratio and high rotation speed. The structure of drum cone with various angles;
4. Heavy load, large transmission ratio cycloid needle wheel, planetary gear or hydraulic differential can be selected;
5. Microcomputer control system that can automatically adjust the difference speed and torque with the change of material concentration and flow rate;
6. Horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge with BD plate can concentrate, dehydrate and separate difficult materials for different proportions of initial sedimentation and activated sludge.


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