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Two core equipments of shield mud-water separation treatment system


KOSUN KD-500 shield mud water treatment system is a modular structure design system. The system is designed for mud purification in medium mud balance shield construction projects. The KD-500 system is composed of coarse vibrating screen module, desander module and desilting module. The coarse vibrating screen module is equipped with a coarse screen to clear large particles, the desander module is equipped with two desander cyclones, the desilting module is equipped with six desilting cyclones, and is equipped with a double-layer screen as the bottom flow screen of the desander and desilter cyclones.

Cyclone separation system and drilling fluid centrifugal separation system are the key technologies for mud and water separation in shield engineering.
Cyclone separation system
The cyclone separation system is mainly composed of a cyclone desander and a cyclone desilter. Firstly, the mud is separated through the drilling fluid shaker, and then the separated mud particles are refined and treated with different diameters by the cyclone. To achieve better control of the solid phase.

How a cyclone separation system works
Under the action of pressure, the muddy water enters the cyclone separation system through the pipe at high speed and makes a cyclotron motion in the cylindrical wall shell. The coarse particles are thrown to the wall of the device and gradually move down under the action of gravity and are discharged from the bottom. The velocity of fine particles moving to the wall of the vessel is small, driven by the flowing liquid in the center and discharged from the upper center overflow pipe, so that the slurry is graded.


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