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Basic requirements for storage of solid control equipment.


KOSUN can provide oil and gas drilling solid control equipmentcentrifuge series products, drilling waste disposal equipment and drilling security equipment four series products of 25 categories.They are widely used in oil and gas drilling and workover, drilling of coal bed methane (CBM) and shale gas drilling, water well and geothermal well drilling of trenchless horizontal directional crossing project, mine grading a ballast, tailings disposal, clear channel engineering, industrial wastewater treatment, environmental protection sewage treatment, waste oil recovery and purification treatment and other fields.

Basic requirements for storage of solid control equipment:
1. Select a special place for storage of solid control equipment.
2. Fixed control equipment with problems should be repaired first and then stopped for storage.
3. All the stopped solid control equipment shall be maintained in accordance with the relevant provisions before the stop, and shall be stopped in good condition.
4. To stop the equipment to do cover, pad, dust, moisture.
5. The storage period shall be maintained and inspected regularly in accordance with relevant regulations.
6. The mud pump should drain the oil and drilling fluid, clean it and place it in the air vent to dry. All interfaces should be sealed to prevent harmful substances from entering and affecting the later work.
7. The drilling mud tank shall empty the internal residue, and place it in a dry air place to air dry. The inlet shall be bandaged and sealed, and all electrical appliances shall be bandaged and protected.

When the drilling operation is completed, the removal of the solid control equipment is generally carried out according to the following steps:
1. Clean the surface of the drilling fluid tank and the equipment on the tank.
2. Open the sand-cleaning door to remove waste drilling fluid and sand from the tank.
3. Lift drilling fluid vibrating screen, drilling fluid cleaner, vacuum deaerator and other equipment.
4. Put the light on the drilling fluid tank upside down and fix it on the tank surface.
5. Put down the drilling fluid, turn it over and fix it with the shaft. Remove the guardrail and fix it on the tank surface.
6. Remove the connection line between the drilling fluid tanks, and put the large parts into the tank and small parts into the packing box after cleaning.


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