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How to treatment the waste generated in the oil drilling process more environmentally?


In the process of oil drilling, a large amount of waste will be left on the well site. These wastes are stored in the sewage pond of the well site. Due to incomplete treatment, during the rainy season, a large amount of rainwater erodes. As the sewage pond leaks, overflows, and floods, it may have adverse effects on groundwater and surface water. Endanger the surrounding ecological environment, and may even cause pollution accidents. In view of these harmful substances, how to adopt corresponding waste treatment technology to minimize the damage caused by waste drilling fluid to the environment is a very important task for environmental protection at present.

drilling waste treatment system
In the process of oil and gas field drilling, the drilling waste treatment system uses specific equipment and technology to process drilling mud and produced cuttings without landing while drilling. The processed mud is reused to remove the separated cuttings and harmful substances. Treatment is carried out to achieve the purpose of protecting the soil at the drilling site from pollution. The treatment process is divided into: first, solid-liquid separation and waste recovery unit. Second, there are two parts of the waste drying unit.
With the development of technology, the emergence of drilling waste treatment system has successfully solved the problem of drilling wastes that cannot be treated efficiently and environmentally. The main processing process of drilling waste treatment system means that the drilling waste returned from the wellhead is carried out before landing. The harmless treatment while drilling is not done on the ground, and the waste mud in the waste mud pool can also be diluted and then classified and used to realize the skid-mounted drilling environmental protection device, and the mud after the effective harmless treatment can be reused.

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