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Applicability of shale shaker in modern petroleum industry


In the modern oil and mining industry, the production process requires the mandatory use of a special type of equipment-shale shaker, whether it is a single version or a composite form designed for multi-stage processing of specific raw materials. In the oil and gas industry, shale shaker are used to clean drilling washing fluid (solution) from drilling rock particles (drilling mud).
Shale shaker are usually used in the initial stage of drilling mud cleaning. By processing the solution on a shale shaker, the large rock particles with a size of 70-80 microns or more are sieved out. The shale shaker is designed in structure, and the device is quite simple.
The main nodes of the shale shaker include support frame; power frame; screen panel; protective cover and so on. The operating principle of the shale shaker is also quite simple: the drilling mud contaminated by the drilling rock particles is fed into the surface of the screen plate fixed in the fixed frame at a certain inclination angle. Under the action of the oscillating movement, the cleaned material moves along a certain track along the surface of the mesh. During such vibration treatment, the gravitational separation of the small and large fractions of the sludge occurs on the surface of the screen: pollutant particles larger than the mesh size do not pass through it, and because of the continuous movement under the influence of shale shaker, the large the inclusion cleaning drilling mud, and the smaller sludge particles contained therein, are naturally filtered through the sieve holes, and then they are transferred to the smaller sludge cleaning solution through a special port.

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