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Application and Characteristics of KOSUN Mud Cleaner


Mud cleaner is the second and third level solids control equipment for processing drilling fluid. It combines a set of desander cyclone, desilter cyclone and an underflow screen (mud shale shaker) into one. Its structure is compact and occupies with small space and powerful functions, it is an ideal equipment for drilling fluid to perform secondary and tertiary solids control.
mud cleaner
Characteristics of KOSUN Mud Cleaner:
1. Desanding, desilting, and shale shaker are three in one, with compact structure design.
2. Polyurethane material cyclone, delay service life.
3. The detachable cyclone bracket is convenient for customers to modify into a shale shaker or desander or desilter.
4. Electric screen box angle adjustment, convenient and reliable, and mechanical angle adjustment for backup.
5. The patented design of the screen box seal has good sealing effect, long service life and easy replacement.
6. The bottom frame of the screen box is made of stainless steel, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance and life.
7. The overall heat treatment of the screen box can satisfy long-term work under high excitation intensity.
8. Plate frame net, plus wedge-type screen pressing device, convenient for quick replacement of the screen.
9. Adopt international and domestic brand vibration motors, OLI motors, etc.
The mud cleaner can be used alone, or its underflow shale shaker can be used as a parallel backup device for the primary solids control shale shaker.

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