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KOSUN Oilfield Sludge Treatment Equipment System


Oilfield Sludge Treatment mainly refers to the landing sludge, tank sludge, flotation scum and sludge generated in the process of crude oil production, storage, gathering and transportation and processing.
As one of the main pollution sources in the production process of oil field enterprises, landing sludge is a solid waste with oil in the process of petroleum exploitation, transportation, refining and oil-bearing sewage treatment. Tank bottom sludge is a kind of heavy oil components, such as a small amount of mechanical impurities, sand, soil, heavy metal salts, paraffin and asphaltic, deposited on the bottom of the tank when the oil storage tank of petrochemical enterprises stores oil products.

Oilfield Sludge Treatment Equipment System
KOSUN Oilfield Sludge Treatment Equipment System is mainly equipped with screening device, heating device, dosing device, flushing device, oil scraping device, horizontal screw three-phase separation, vertical centrifuge and other auxiliary equipment. KOSUN Oilfield Sludge Treatment Equipment System design is reasonable, safe environmental protection, good treatment effect, high processing efficiency, cost saving, economy applicable, at the same time, it has a compact structure, convenient transportation, cover small area , etc, after produced by KOSUN Oilfield Sludge Treatment Equipment System, intermediate clear liquid can reuse, oily debris and isolated can recycle and generate business value.

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