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KOSUN can produce shale shaker screen, cleaner, desander, desilter equipped with screen.


KOSUN can produce shale shaker screen, cleaner, desanderdesilter equipped with screen, but also can provide flat screen, BLOUNT KING COBRA frame net. KOSUN can also be customized according to customer requirements for various types of shale shaker screen.
shale shaker screen

KOSUN's shale shaker is a system of sand production line equipment, the structure of the shale shaker screen mesh weaving is bent into advance form of corrugated metal wire, make the two curved card in the same position, guarantee the mesh size, vibration type network with bidirectional bending corrugated, locked bending, two-way wave bending, flat-topped curved, one-way wave bending, firm structure, used in mining, coal, construction, petroleum, glass, metal products industry, etc.
The fixed way of the shaker screen on the frame and the pressing way of the frame on the shale shaker screen body are improved to completely change the phenomenon that the circular shale shaker screen is broken at both ends of three days.
KOSUN shale shaker screen because of its reliability guarantee, so that the internal quality of the product is stable control, improve the product quality credibility of the enterprise, avoid quality disputes due to this aspect of the problem, let customers rest assured, let yourself rest assured, let leaders rest assured.
shale shaker screen

Due to the improvement of the shale shaker screen's reliability, the maintenance time is saved, labor productivity and working efficiency are improved, and the orderly and normal production is guaranteed.
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