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Manufacturer of solid control equipment for oil drilling


Oil drilling solid control equipment and system is the equipment and system to treat and recover the drilling fluid returned to the surface from the wellhead. The solid control system allows for efficient separation of large cuttings, barite, and other large solids from the wellhead back to the surface, and the treated drilling fluid can be reused. This reduces the cost of drilling and is good for the environment.

solid control system

The oil drilling solid control system is the solid control and separation of thedrilling fluid, which enables the drilling fluid to be recycled, also known as the mud purification solid control system. In drilling projects of petroleum and natural gas, coal bed methane and geothermal Wells, mud is the blood of drilling, which directly affects the drilling schedule.

KOSUN provides professional four level solid control system and five level mud purification system, shale shaker, mud desander, mud cleaner, centrifuge for drilling mud treatment. Can handle water - based mud, oil - based mud, mixed mud, to ensure the drilling process mud requirements. It has been applied in many oilfield projects in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Daqing and abroad, such as Russia and Ukraine. KOSUN solid control system is applicable to drilling projects of 500-9000m and can meet the supporting requirements of 250-3000HP drilling rigs. KOSUN solids control system conventionally falls into skid-mounted and mobile types, and can be divided into cryophylactic (polar) and desert types according to different requirements on ambient temperatures, to meet different working conditions and customer requirements.

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