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12 KOSUN Decanter Centrifuges for Drilling Waste Management


Recently, twelve D450L decanter centrifuges purchased by a world-famous mud service company have been shipped to a drilling site in North Africa. These centrifuges are deeply customized according to practical requirements on the drilling site and are to be applied in oilfield drilling waste management project. This cooperation has enhanced the bilateral cooperative relationship up to a strategic level. Both parties have agreed to in-depth cooperation in drilling waste environmental management and some other projects.

This mud service company placed its first order with KOSUN in 2012. During the subsequent three-year cooperation process, the customer has always been paying close attention to KOSUN drilling waste management equipment, and has placed orders of KOSUN Black Rhino Series Centrifuges, vertical cuttings dryers, Hi-G dryer shakers and other equipment from time to time. The twelve D450L centrifuges are specially customized based on on-site requirements after engineers from both parties have investigated the drilling site and our factory repeatedly, and fall into KOSUN products of More Than Customized.

 D450L Decanter Centrifuge

These centrifuges are mainly characterized by:

The complete machine is in accordance with European standards. All electrical components are ATEX certified and meet CE requirements;

Bowl diameter is 450mm and bowl length is 1000mm;

Equipped with a series of safety devices to effectively protect equipment in emergency;

Conveyor welded with hard alloy empiecements for more durability.

During the nearly three-year cooperation, KOSUN has unceasingly improved equipment performance according to the customer’ requirements and KOSUN equipment are well accepted by the customer. Now, KOSUN drilling waste management equipment can reach both domestic and international drilling waste discharge standards in treatment effect. Furthermore, KOSUN cooperates with the mud service company for a long term and continuously delivers equipment to Europe, North Africa and other drilling sites, which marks full recognition of KOSUN drilling waste management equipment all over the world.


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