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Customized KOSUN Equipment in Preparation for South American Market


Recently, KOSUN solids control equipment is in preparation for a partner in South America.

KOSUN has closely cooperated with the partner for years who has ordered tens of sets of solids control equipment for his drilling mud environmental management service in South America. Through technical discussions between us, modifications are made to technical specifications of this batch of equipment based on those of the former batch and customized production is started as per the customer’s requirements. For the customer’s urgent demand for the equipment, KOSUN immediately starts production after reaching an agreement to guarantee scheduled delivery.

Customized KOSUN MD210 Mud Cleaners

The customer suffers from financial pressure due to continuous falling of international oil price recently. KOSUN expressly declares the willingness in tiding over the difficulties together with the customer and makes a compromise on equipment price, which greatly relieves customer’s capital pressure. The customer also expresses his gratitude towards KOSUN for our understanding and support, and shows willingness for continuous in-depth cooperation and joint development in South American solids control market with KOSUN.

Based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed before and through repeated communication between us, KOSUN and the customer have basically determined on the direction of future cooperation and will jointly put each cooperation intention into practice. Meanwhile, both of us are keeping effective and timely communication about the current cooperative project to guarantee its smooth progress.


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