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Maximizing Efficiency with Oilfield Mud Cleaners

In the world of oil drilling and trenchless operations, efficiency is key. One of the key components that plays an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of the entire dril...
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Economic value of drilling fluid mud cleaners

Drilling fluid mud cleaner is the second and third solid control equipment of drilling mud. The economic value of drilling fluid mud cleaner is mainly reflected in the following asp...
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Drilling fluid solids control equipment, Top Chinese solids control companies

Xi an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. ( top Chinese solids control companies ) has been specialized in research and development, design and manufacture of drilling fluid solid control...
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Selecting the Perfect Centrifugal Pump for Solids Control Systems: Factors to Consider

There are several important factors to consider when selecting the proper centrifugal pump for your solids control system . Centrifugal pumps play a vital role in maintaining the ef...
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Drilling oil-base cuttings treatment to achieve source and emission reduction

The vertical cuttings drying of KOSUN can dry the cuttings of oil-based mud, realize the reduction of the source, and achieve the purpose of zero discharge and waste mud recycling....
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The drilling fluid centrifuge produced by Xi’an KOSUN is a specialized equipment for solid-liquid separation.

KOSUN drilling fluid centrifuge is used for the separation and clarification of suspensions containing solid particles with a particle size d2m, solid concentrations of 2-70%, and l...
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Technical features of using KOSUN drilling waste mud treatment system

1, It breaks through the principles of existing drilling waste mud treatment methods and shifts from end treatment to full-process control. Mechanical separation is employed to remo...
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Main equipment of solids control system in drilling

Mud linear shale shaker : As the first level of solids control equipment for drilling fluid treatment, it is used to remove cuttings and other harmful solid particles in the drillin...
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